Voice Of Youth

With Selina and AJ Every 2nd Thursday 6-7pm

Voice of Youth Every 2nd Thursday from 6-7pm 3 students from local schools in Brisbane Northern Suburbs and Moreton Bay join Selina and AJ to discuss topics that they choose in these no-hold barre discussions.  Every episode features a different school.  The topics cover subjects that are close to the heart of youth and these talented students are keen to get their message across.  Our youths are our future and we connect them to you. 

Hear what they have to say!  Hear what they think!  Missed any episodes,  then listen to our podcasts.

Voice of Youth Every 2nd Thursday from 6-7pm

Voice Of Youth Podcasts

Episode 1:   2.3.2023

Clontarf High School

Mack Dare, Emily Needs, Nate Clegg

Episode 2 16.3.2023

Redcliffe High School

Jennifer Chubarova,  Shana Cullen,  Diego-Joe Martin

Episode 3 30.3.2023

Sandgate High School

Ariya McDonald, Faith Anderson, Laura Scherf

Episode 4 20.4.2023

Bracken Ridge High School

Molly Quant, Jess Bowman, Will Martin

Episode 5  4.5.2023

Dakabin High School

Tabitha Davies, Lealu Warby, Kiara-Lea Hurley

Episode 6 18.5.2023

Burpengary State Secondary College

Cooper Baird, Emilia Gomez, Charlotte Berry

Episode 7  1.6.2023

Deception Bay State High School

Chelsea Hanfling, Woraprach Hanfling, Botahn Ah Sam

Episode 8 15.6.2023

Murrumba State Secondary College

Reeten Thapa, Charlie Rogerson, Connor Whitehouse

Episode 9 13.7.2023

 Grace Lutheran College Rothwell

Holly Nettleton, Ava Hourston

Episode 10 27.7.2023

Albany Creek State High School

Jed Bomford, Kimora Randall, Joseph Gillie

Episode 11  10.8.2023

St. Paul´s School

Savannah Crowther, Georgia Petterson, Tyler Jackson

Episode 12 24.8.2023

Everton Park

Episode 14

Everton Park 02

Episode 15

Jabiru Community College

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Every Alternate Thursday

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