Board and Staff

99.7 Bridge FM


The Station Manager is Ray Kerr. Having been in the radio industry for decades, he brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the station. As Station Manager, you’ll see him at the studio most weekdays.


Our board is made up of seven volunteers who all contribute their time to help with the overall responsibility and governance of the station.  From talking to the CBAA or Office of Fair Trading, right through to working out how we can obtain grants from certain areas, the board acts in the best interest of the station and the members at all times.

Board members are elected for two-year terms, and we hold an election at every annual general meeting for either three or four of the positions.

  • President – Don Gailer: Don has been involved with the station for more than 10 years, and has previously been on the board as President about eight years ago, at a time when the station needed a bit more structure amd governance.  Having set the station back on a solid fiscal and management course, he stepped back but has since come back into the role to assist with the ongoing operational side of things.
  • Vice President – Jon Twartz:  Big Jon, as he is known around here, has done and still does many things for the station to continue to make it grow. From promoting local music to hosting his own show, his involvement in the station is second to none and can be seen at most events that 99.7 Bridge FM holds.
  • Treasurer – Peter Schofield having had an extensive background in accounting and management, Peter put his hand up a while ago to look after the books of the station. He provides a strong fiscal management of the incomings and outgoings of the station.  It’s an important role, as while we are a not for profit organisation, we still need to have money in the bank to pay the bills!
  • John Atchison – Public Relations Manager: John, or ‘Atcho’ as he is known on air, has also previously been on the board as Vice President, and put his hand up again to become the Public Relations Manager. He aims to grow our listenership and sponsors through engaging with various groups & people. It is his aim to also promote our station this year through some increased advertising of Bridge FM.
  • Sue Gledhill – Secretary: Sue is new to the role of secretary of Bridge FM but is doing a wonderful job on top of her normal day job that all the other volunteers have as well. The secretary is responsible for many things & it is great to have someone of the calibre of Sue with the station to assist in these areas.
  • Shaun Carrett –  IT Manager: as you could imagine there are many moving parts to the IT side of a radio station, and Shaun is in charge of overseeing what happens on a day to day basis.  Shaun has been around the station in various capacities for many years but provides vast experience in the technical areas which are especially required to keep us transmitting daily.
  • Colin Scobie –  Grants Co-Ordinator: One of the biggest responsibilities for the station is securing grants from various government bodies and various other community groups such as RSLs — Ian knows who to speak to to try to get the best outcome for the station. Grants can be for such things as security cameras right through to new production equipment for the station, which can cost a lot of money.