It Takes Two

Suzy and Johnny – It Takes Two

After completing the ‘Announcer Course’ in April 2017, we were given a slot on 99.7 Bridge FM on Sundays, commencing on 30th July 2017 5-7pm.

We called the show Suzy and Johnny ‘Sunday Soiree’ but over time that has become Suzy and Johnny ‘It Takes 2’ and our time slot is Sundays 6-10pm.

Our aim was always to have an ‘Arts & Entertainment’ show. Johnny has been involved in Community Theatre ever since he moved to North Brisbane in 2004 and has gained many friends at various theatre groups. At present Suzy and Johnny are in contact with about a dozen community theatre groups on the Northside of Brisbane. We promote their plays, musicals, cabarets, etc by creating community service announcements and interviewing directors and actors about the shows they are producing.

Suzy and Johnny not only attend as many shows that they possibly can, but also seek out local musical talent who have original music. This could be in bars, events, even buskers in markets or in a park or in a doorway and the internet is useful too. To support and promote local musicians, especially young performers, whether it be solo acts, duos or bands is a very rewarding experience, and the talent out there is amazing.

Suzy and Johnny also like to support local Art Societies, Artisans, Authors and well anything that is creative. We have been on air for almost four years and are now usually approached by entertainers to be on ‘It Takes 2’, whereas in the early days we had to seek out all the talent for the show.

Suzy and Johnny are now approaching there 200th show and still “lovin’ it”.

Catch Suzy and Johnny ‘It Takes 2’ Sundays 6-10pm.

It Takes Two Interviews

Interview with Lynch & Paterson, local musicians and producers of quality musicals in Brisbane Including ‘Les Misérables’
Interview with Dave Power (Brisbane musician) and his daughter Amy
Interview with New Zealander Jan Beaumont about her poem ‘ Let’s Drink To Covid’ that went viral around the world.
Interview with The Mona Lisa Twins who are from Austria and reside in the UK. They are well-known for covering Beatles songs.
Interview with Robert Rothko an American who now lives in Melbourne. He is opera trained in Vienna, but sings in all genres.
Interview with former Hi-5 member Siobhan Clifford
Interview with Tony Bonner

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