Polynesian Va’a-alo
Outrigger Canoe Club (Poly Va’a)

Poly Va’a-alo is a Polynesian Outrigger Canoe Club based out of the Volunteer Marine Rescue facility at 95 Allpass Parade, Shorncliffe.

Poly Va’a-alo Outrigger Canoe Club has both competitive and social paddlers who are looking for new members to join them. Outrigger canoeing has its origins in the South Pacific about 30,000 years ago, where canoes played an integral role in the lives and cultures of the Pacific and South-East Asian people.

Weekly paddling session times are at VMR Shorncliffe on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you are interested in joining the friendly members of the Poly Va’a-alo Outrigger Canoe Club either as a competitive or social paddler, just ring 0422 004 861 for more information.