The Toy Box

The Toy Box

Join us Thursday night from 7- 10 when Mr Grumpy, Bev and Lezley present The Toy Box

What you have is a pommy chick from the heart of London, an ageing hippie, a grumpy old mongrel, a box full of annoying, noisy toys, along with 99.7’s great rock variety ……throw them all into a room, lock the door, and let them work it out for themselves! 

The Toybox, with Bev, Lezley and Mr Grumpy on Thursday nights, with quizzes, interviews, lots of current information and plenty of great music of all genres.  We’ve  been with you for 21 years and have local and international listeners. If you’re not one of them, we invite you to come and play with us every Thursday night from 7 to 10pm on your home of great rock variety, 997 Bridge FM

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