The Hump Show

The Hump Show with Atcho & Donny

Join Atcho & Donny for a fun day with great stories and great giveaways

Atcho & Donny have been doing The Hump Show on a Wednesday for 8 years & 300+ shows! They have a very loyal listener base affectionately known as the ‘Humpsters’! As they say, it’s ‘News/ Views/ Reviews/ Chat/ Music & a whole lot more! and that’s exactly what they pack into their 3 hour show on Hump Day.

Join Atcho & Donny every Wednesday between 9am-12noon where they take a look at the week in review & give you their take on it. The big news & the not so big news will be discussed which will hopefully put a smile on your dial, or perhaps raise an eyebrow or two!

Listeners of the show will know that they value your opinions as well, and welcome them to ring into the show on anything that they are talking about to express their point of view as well, whether you agree or disagree! That’s the beauty of the show, ‘everyone’ has an opinion!

Regular segments include Hopeless/Champion Humpster of the week; NRL footy tipping & the popular quiz segment where a listener each week gets to take on Atcho and win themselves a limited edition Hump Show t-shirt! There are also regular giveaways with Rode Rd Meats, our sponsor currently providing a $50 meat voucher to one lucky Humpster each week!

So there is plenty to look forward to on a Wednesday, so make sure you are tuned into The Hump Show from 9.00am-12.00pm every week!

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