Ron Hailes & Selina

Join Ron & Selina every Wednesday 3-6pm

What a dream team!

Selina and Ron haven´t been a team for long but you wouldn´t know it.  They will bring a smile to your dial guaranteed on drive time Wednesday 3-6 p.m.

Already they have a growing number of loyal listeners tuning in to be entertained.  Whether you are in your car on your way home, stuck in traffic, picking up the kids, or you have just finished work and relaxing…whatever you are doing, Selina and Ron will bring you laughs, life hacks, news, scam alerts, giveaways and of course great music.

Ron is a human music thesaurus who has more than a story or two to tell and Selina, well she sure does keep Ron on his toes!  Between them they are so much fun!  But as they say: “ We do the show for our listeners” and that´s why they welcome and value listener feedback.

So join their growing fan base yourself.  Tune in on Wednesday afternoons 3-6 p.m. every week. 


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