Bridgin’ the Blues

If you enjoy Blues Music you’ve probably already tuned in to Bridgin’ the Blues
every Monday night from 7 till 9 o’clock on 997 Bridge FM.

The show is presented by Roger Rogers, a member with 15 years of commercial radio
experience and 20 years weekend activity as a wedding and functions DJ.

He loves the Blues – old ones, new ones, fast songs, slow songs, sweet stuff, sour
stuff, American, European, Australian – and enjoys sharing the best of the world’s
supply with you. Sometimes there’s an interview; occasionally a live performance;
mostly a phone-in competition; and always the best of the Blues.

Join Bernie O’Bryan for Bridgin’ the Blues, Monday nights at 7. And stay Bluesy!

Sponsored by Music Studio 60 and  Nash Jingles

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Bridging The Blues

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